Indigenous-led Evaluation

We offer two types of certification:
Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation and The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation

Our full course on Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation is taught over 4 one-day workshops. During this learning process you will gain the knowledge and tools to integrate Indigenous-led evaluation practice in your organization or program. Each workshop comes complete with the manual, workbook, and tools.

Recognition and Certification

Each workshop comes with a Letter of Recognition of participation. Upon mastering the full 4-Workshop Series you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement commemorating your journey in learning to apply reconciliation practices within the field of evaluation. This certification is awarded upon the completion of a skill testing exam which you undertake online within one-month of taking your last workshop in the series. You can ask to be tested, as early as, completing Workshop 1 (while we do recommend completing all 4 workshops) and when you pass the exam, you will receive the Certificate of Achievement. The test is timed and must be completed within a 24 hour period but the online time spent answering questions must not exceed two hours. Testing for this Certification will begin in May 2017. You will receive a scoring grid for each of the test domains, as well as a final test score and a notification as to your certification status.

The 4 Workshops

Workshop 1

Wearing an Indigenous
Evaluation Lens

This workshop offers a unique and inspiring experience that features ground-breaking discussion on concrete ways to bring reconciliation into evaluation.


Workshop 2

Tools for Change and Indigenous-led Measurement

Through this workshop you will learn to develop and apply tools that are both interventions as well as knowledge-exchange devices.


Workshop 3

Building Wholistic
Evaluation Strategies

Taking reconciliation as a starting point, in this workshop you will examine the key categories that define an evaluation plan or framework from an Indigenous perspective.


Workshop 4

Taking Action: Creating a Learning Organization

This workshop explores appropriate tools that support the development of an Indigenous-led approach to program assessment and financial management.


The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool Workshop

Experience this tool first-hand and its use of Indigenous-led practice: from intervention-based knowledge-sharing to analysis and reporting results.


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