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Indigenous-led Evaluation

Gain the knowledge and tools to integrate Indigenous-led evaluation practice into your organization or program with our Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation workshops.

Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation

Our full course on Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation (HRE) is taught over 2-3 one-day workshops. During this learning process, you will gain the knowledge and tools to integrate Indigenous evaluation practice in your organization or program. Each workshop comes complete with the manual, workbook, and tools. See the video to the right for a brief introduction to our workshop series, Honouring Reconciliation In Evaluation.


Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation (HRE) allows us to identify bias in the methods and approaches to make room for new notions of what is measurable and what provides valid evidence. Since no evaluation can be value-free, HRE answers the question of whose values will frame the evaluation. HRE is done by working with clearly identified Indigenous evaluation collaborators who have the responsibility to apply findings and implement recommendations. Furthermore, HRE is a conduit for creating an open dialogue that includes mechanisms for follow-through and solid commitments from Indigenous and non-Indigenous Leadership. HRE tailors the evaluation to meet Indigenous Peoples’ needs and priorities. Gain the knowledge and tools to integrate Indigenous evaluation in your organization/program with our Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation workshops.

Recognition and Certification

Each workshop comes with a Letter of Recognition of participation. Upon mastering the full 3-Workshop Series you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement commemorating your journey in learning to apply reconciliation practices within the field of evaluation. This certification is awarded upon the completion of a skill testing exam which you undertake online within one-month of taking your last workshop in the series. You can ask to be tested, as early as, completing Workshop 1 (while we do recommend completing all 3 workshops) and when you pass the exam, you will receive the Certificate of Achievement. The test is timed and must be completed within a 24 hour period but the online time spent answering questions must not exceed two hours. Testing for this Certification will begin in May 2017. You will receive a scoring grid for each of the test domains, as well as a final test score and a notification as to your certification status.

The 3 Workshops

Workshop 1

Wearing an Indigenous
Evaluation Lens

This workshop offers a unique and inspiring experience that features ground-breaking discussion on concrete ways to bring reconciliation into evaluation.


Workshop 2

Tools for Change and Indigenous-led Measurement

Through this workshop you will learn to develop and apply tools that are both interventions as well as knowledge-exchange devices.


Workshop 3

Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks

Taking reconciliation as a starting point, in this workshop you will examine the key categories that define an evaluation plan or framework from an Indigenous perspective.


The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool Workshop

Experience this tool first-hand and its use of Indigenous-led practice: from intervention-based knowledge-sharing to analysis and reporting results.


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