Sessions and Development of Indigenous Evaluation Policy

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An Indigenous Evaluation Policy will fill a significant gap in your internal organization processes. The most significant barriers faced by organizations are the inability to aggregate the results of multiple sets of program data into a focused organizational model for Indigenous evaluation. Evaluation Policy enables you to make decisions on how evaluation will operate, who is in control of evaluation in your service area, and how and what will be answered. Having a unified set of evaluation practices and tools will allow you to see the bigger picture of where you are going as an entire team, rather than the piecemeal practice currently implemented when you are not directing the evaluation.

The goal of our Sessions and Development of Indigenous Evaluation Policy is to work with your team to develop a set of indicators which have grounding in Indigenous knowledge and that will provide the right data to lead your organization on a stronger path in meeting the ultimate goals of your agency. During these sessions we will orient your group of 5 – 25 persons on decolonizing evaluation and bringing forward methods of reconciliation into evaluation. We will assist you in Wearing an Indigenous Evaluation Lens and demonstrate steps in building your own Indigenous Evaluation Policy and Tools.

When you purchase this product, we will send a welcome notice and ask for you to propose two possible start dates. We anticipate the sessions and completed Policy to take 1-2 months.

Price includes travel to most locations; however due to limits on what we can carry on an airplane, we can send the materials when you register for you to print the session materials.