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Workshop Waawiyeyaa Description

The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool Workshop

This workshop provides our in-house evaluation tool,  the Waayieyaa Evaluation Tool, in a two-day course. The Waayieyaa Evaluation Tool Manual will be made available for download once purchased.

The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool enables evaluators to capture a qualitative storyboard utilizing a cultural-based learning video (available for download).  The training supports you in experiencing the tool first-hand, learning how to analyze and report on the data and transform the storyboard into a quantitative database file which can track program impacts over time.

We have utilized this tool to evaluate healing, justice, health, addiction, employment, mental health, education, and cultural teaching programs.  The tool’s development conversations were held with Indigenous evaluators, traditional healers, and Indigenous programs; in addition to comparisons to models of Indigenous healing journeys.


The Ojibway Word Waawiyeyaa Refers to a Circular Process that can Lead to Rebirth and Transformation.  This is a journey one travels and through reflective thought and introspection a person is able to further travel around this circular path which always leads back to the start. When a person reaches the point at which they started, introspection can occur which can then lead to rebirth and transformation, as they travel around the circle again.  Developed by Johnston Research Inc., this wholistic evaluation tool, grounded in Anishnawbe traditional knowledge, was created for use in culturally-appropriate programs for Aboriginal people seeking to make changes in their life. This self-evaluation tool provides a semi-structured process for recording program development and/or individual participant progress towards greater balance.