Workshop 3 – June 25, 26 & 27, 2024 – ONLINE


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Date: June 25, 26 & 27, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

Location: ONLINE

Workshop 3: Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks

This is our third workshop in the series of Honouring Reconciliation In Evaluation. We are offering a limited number of coupons for customers who may be unable to apply for funding to cover this cost, such as students. Contact with the subject ‘Workshop Coupon’ and provide your name, affiliation, phone number, and date of the workshop for which you would like to attend to apply for a coupon.

Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks

This is the third in a series of three workshops on Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation (HRE).  Workshops 1 and 2 presented the theory and tools for effective Indigenous Evaluation practices. In Workshop 3 we will study in-detail several examples of Indigenous evaluation frameworks.  The workshop will explore how Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks are effective in assessing results of a program/intervention/project and also how they have broader impacts on decolonizing the industry of evaluation practice and methodology.  The workshop explores Indigenous Evaluation frameworks that are applicable to single local evaluation practice as well as national and regional efforts.

Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks is lead by Indigenous Peoples to systematically shape their self-determination through evaluation. The immediate workshop objective is to equip evaluators, program managers and community leaders with the tools necessary for undertaking evaluation with a decolonized lens.

Evaluators can do more

There is a disconnect between current notions of metrics and what is considered a decolonized lens for measuring and defining success.  While it is laudable to believe evaluation can lead to change; Indigenous Peoples know that unless you start with community, nothing will really change.  Evaluation needs to do more, and evaluators can do more.  With their expertise and experience, seasoned evaluators are in a position to act more as agents of change, rather than undertaking exercises and measurement which further apply a ‘colonial rule’ over Indigenous Peoples, their lives and their communities.  This workshop is steadfast in strength-based solutions that honour, respect, and embrace Indigenous Knowledge.

The evaluation industry needs evaluators to support change and for evaluation departments to embrace a new way of doing business.  This workshop covers the A to Z and beyond; outlining and detailing this new way of business that supports decolonization and undertakes such direction using steps and stages which can be adopted in part or in-full, to suit your current environments.

Through the Course of this Workshop We Will Examine the Following:

  • What does a decolonized evaluation framework look like?
  • How do we change the role of Indigenous Peoples in shaping their self-determination through evaluation?
  • Who are the beneficiaries of programs/interventions/projects?
  • Who are the participants in evaluations?
  • Who should direct and control the evaluation?
  • What are the steps I can take to build an Indigenous Evaluation Framework?
  • What are the stages of Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks?
  • How do I apply a decolonized evaluation framework in the real world?
  • How do I remain accountable to the broader population when using Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks?

Who Should Attend and How You Will Benefit

What You Will Gain

  • Close-up study of an array of Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks.
  • Hands-on discussion and modeling of Indigenous Evaluation Framework case studies.
  • A solid foundation in the design and application of Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks.

What Comes with the Workshop

  • The manual “Wearing an Indigenous Evaluation Lens” (instantly downloadable).
  • A reading list and links to the readings recommended for review ahead of the workshop.
  • A workbook of “Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks” (given in the workshop).
  • A set of tools which assist in creating your own Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks (given in the workshop).

Who This Workshop is For

  • Indigenous-based evaluators, program managers and community leaders
  • Western taught / based evaluators.
  • Program staff who work with Indigenous populations.
  • Government staff and management who manage programs directed to Indigenous peoples.
  • Non-government organizations who work with Indigenous peoples.
  • Students who are interested in evaluation and expanding their knowledge base.
  • Professionals who want to change the way evaluation works.