Program Policy Research

“Our work is driven by notions of social justice and culture-based approaches”

Our work in program policy research matters to us at a personal level because it deals with ethics. But far from getting ourselves wrapped-up in personal discourse, we are objective and fact-driven and look for all factors that help us create a “wholistic” picture of the matter at hand.  Some of these ideas are still widely quoted as part of our 2006 Johnston Report. Since that report, we have developed specific analyses: cost-benefit, legal risks, and impacts of the on-reserve shelter system for Alberta On-Reserve Shelters United entitled “Moving Forward! Planning for Self-Determination”. Additionally, Johnston Research Inc. was hired to complete the “My Home on Turtle Island Youth Lodge Needs Assessment and Evaluation Reports” for Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services. Working with strong, intelligent women dedicated to their work and their community was an incredibly fulfilling experience. We also recognize, in the case of women’s shelters, the importance of significant programming to men.

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