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Ministry of the Attorney General Dialogue Sessions

Nov 21 – Dec 22 questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in the Ministry of the Attorney General Dialogue Sessions.  Please fill out the form below and press the submit button when you are finished. Make sure that you have read the questions thoroughly, and have enough time to answer the questions before you proceed. All of the questions must be completed before the form can be submitted.

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    1) Let’s think about the Offenders’ paths to recovery.

    a. What does the path to recovery look like for the Offender? (in this new Indigenous program)

    b. What do Offenders need to be able to make changes in themselves and their situations?

    c. What does Offender healing look like for the individual, for the family, and for the community?

    2) Let’s think about the approaches that will best support Offenders.

    a. What approaches are needed to best support Offenders? What would these approaches look like? (on-the-land programs, cultural programs, other types?

    b. What are the key elements to consider in terms of how a new program is operated?

    c. What are your ideas about how a new program should be managed? What form would that take? e.g., within the community, other partners, on-reserve, off-reserve.

    3) How do we design a program that can address the underlying and systemic issues Offenders face?

    a. What are the key issues that prevent Offenders from getting the help they need?

    b. What are the innovations that need to be considered?

    c. What strengths do we have to remember? What are the opportunities?

    4) What role does cultural teaching have in the program?

    a. What are the key elements to consider in addressing cultural healing (e.g., feel pride, feel strong to stand tall, role modelling, men speaking out)

    5) What broader supports do Offender’s need to support them in self-sufficiency?

    a. And what else is needed to best meet the needs of the Offender and their families?

    b. What does the community need to do to support offenders?

    c. What strengths can the community bring to support the Offenders’ path to healing?

    Do you have any final thoughts or questions for me?