Defining Indigenous Evaluation

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Indigenous Evaluation (also known as Aboriginal Evaluation) is an evaluation process that meets the needs and priorities of Indigenous Peoples.  Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation takes the advantages of Indigenous evaluation or Aboriginal evaluation systems and makes the ideal ultimate way of doing an evaluation.   Indigenous evaluation or Aboriginal evaluation can be used in almost all situations that require an evaluation.  It allows for more input from the community than traditional western evaluation.

At Johnston Research, we’ve developed over 200 Indigenous evaluation frameworks. Through this process, we have learned that evaluators should not lay claim to the development of Indigenous evaluation frameworks. The way Indigenous evaluation frameworks are undertaken needs to change.

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Building a Community for Indigenous Evaluation

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We have met with many evaluators across Canada in our Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation workshop training series.  They have inspired this blog.

We are so excited at all the ideas and energy built-up around how to move forward with Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation.

In our workshops, we have challenged our training participants to take that next step in a way that is suitable in their environments.

This blog is built for those next steps.

Whether you have taken
baby steps, or climbed up the entire staircase, we feel this community blog will help move the envelope of Indigenous evaluation forward.

Please share, your:

  1. Challenges and roadblocks
  2. Ideas and plans
  3. Baby steps taken
  4. Progress to-date
  5. Vision for bringing honour into the reconciliation process of evaluation

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I want to extend my warm thank-you, for those of you I have met, and who inspired this community blog.