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The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

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We are all Evaluators

Through introspection and self-reflection we can enhance our analytical abilities


Upcoming Workshops

We are proud to announce our first series of workshops on Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation: Wearing an Indigenous Evaluation Lens. For more information, click on one of the upcoming workshops below.

  • February 7th, Vancouver

  • February 8th, Vancouver

  • February 13th, Toronto

  • February 14th, Toronto


Dispelling Myths: Challenges in Restoring Health in First Nations (27May16)

Presented at the Indigenous Health Conference 27May2016, Andrea L.K. Johnston spoke about the need for a national sharing of Indigenous-informed outcomes.  For example, at the conference Chief Littlechild said, “We need to hold each other up”.  This outcome can be phrased as “Lifting each other up”.   This presentation provides a rationale for supporting more work in this area.  One conclusion you can make from the facts presented is that, “as First Nations we need to divorce ourselves from the colonial relationship – reclaiming our rights, our pride, our strength and this must start with the “Lifting Up of Each Other’s Spirits” through a unification of communities at a regional and national level.


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